Be More Confident,
Relaxed And Masculine

You are born masculine, it's a natural part of who you are. Reconnect with what it means to be a man.

Move through the world feeling relaxed and confident... ready to take on life's challenges as if they were merely speed bumps.

Radically upgrade your life with my field-tested Human Enhancement Technology!

Back when I was teaching seminars just for men, I discovered that one of the greatest barriers to a man’s personal growth was their current sense of masculinity -- what it meant to be a man, what it felt like, and what needed to change in order to be the man they wanted to be.​

If this rings true for you as well, then read on.​

This two-audio set is what I’ve been using to prepare groups of men for radically upgrading their lives. Designed to be used in sequence, they approach the transformation with a weave of indirect, direct and interspersed suggestions that has proven to be highly effective in getting men to loosen up, let go and start getting the change you want.​

You get terrific practice at going into Trance as an act of Will, your ability to visualize (and feel!) positive actions and positive outcomes skyrockets, and as to the meat of the manner -- your assessment of your Self as a man changes to include going through life relaxed and confident. Open to new experiences and focused on what makes you feel masculine and strong.

If you have tried be more confident, tried to be more masculine, or tried to be calm and instead got flustered, angry or upset... then this program is for you.

Because it bypasses the critical mind, the desired changes don’t get rejected by your conscious mind saying "that’s not me" or "I'm not that kind of guy".

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Here's What You Get...

Two part digital audio trance technology so you ​can tap into the natural masculinity already in your DNA

Designed to be used in sequence so the beneficial effects are compounded.

Featuring a unique and specially composed binaural brainwave composition from master musician Denver Clay so your mind will relax quickly & easily

Audio can either be downloaded (iTunes ready) or streamed online.

Complete User Guide so you get maximum benefit.

Professionally remastered and digitally enhanced for a state of the art listening experience


If you aren’t happy with this program, then I’m not happy. So here’s my NO BS guarantee. 

Get my Personal Ecology For Men today and put it to the test. Use it as often as you like for 90 days.​

That’s right… 90 Days!

​Take all the time you need to get the all the benefits and outcomes you desire.​

Then you be the judge.​

If my Human Enhancement Technology doesn’t deliver, or if you’re unhappy for any reason, just say the word and I’ll immediately buy it back from you.​

No questions. No hassles. 100% of your money back.​

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because hundreds of men have used and benefited from this life-changing program, so I know it works.

"Huge Bursts of Confidence"

Jovone Brown

"Women Will Begin To Notice You"

Bruce Anderson, Toronto

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This is an INSTANT ACCESS digital program. As soon as your order is complete, you too can begin now to feel more confident... more masculine and strong, more relaxed and happy as you move through the world. Time to let go and start getting the change you deserve.

This Human Enhancement Technology was developed and refined from over 30,000+ hours of clinical hypnosis. And is designed for one thing… to get results… fast!​

This is an opportunity for rapid change. To become the kind of man people respect, other men want to be around, and women find naturally attractive.​

That man can soon be you.​

Get started now, by clicking on the big button.​


P.S. Look, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If willpower hasn’t been working for you… it’s time to do something different.​

P.P.S. Maybe you’re procrastinating because you don’t think you deserve this. Listen, not only do you deserve this… you deserve even better. I want you to do this for yourself now.

"Expect and receive the best"

Ejnar Haakonsen, Denmark

Question: What format is the audio?

Answer: The audio is in MP3 format. It is iTunes ready, but will work with any digital audio player

Question: What if I don't remember much after listening to the audio?

Answer: That’s fine. And it’s not uncommon. This technology isn’t designed for your conscious mind, because that’s not where you change beliefs, behaviors and habits. Your conscious mind may daydream while you listen, but your subconscious will be following along.

Question: Is there a best way to listen to this?

Answer: Yes! Ideally at a time when you will NOT be disturbed. Turn off phones, put your dog outside, tell people not to knock unless it’s an emergency. Get comfortable so you can relax and wear headphones.

Question: What if I fall asleep?

Answer: It can happen if you are laying down and are tired. It’s not a problem, you just don’t get the full effect because sleep is not trance. Just listen again the next day.